Monday, October 5, 2015

10 Months

This little dude turned 10 months old! 
He started walking a couple of weeks ago, he loves to make everyone smile, he is awesome at imitating sounds his daddy makes and he loves to have his momma hold him. 
We love him tons!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Little Luca

Obviously it's been a while since I've taken the time to blog. Today I was showing Vivi some of the old posts and I thought "There's got to be an easier way keep blogging." That's when I found the app. Yeah! Now I can blog from anywhere, without hassling with my photos. 
Luca is the sweetest boy ever and we are so happy he's a part of our family! 
Some of my favorite moments with him:
Here he is with Farrah, she'd just bought him these glasses and he was enjoying the new view!
He was so tired and snuggly at the beach. This kid is heavy, but I was totally in heaven with him in my arms. 

The first thing Vivi does every morning is give Luca a big hug. And he loves her just as much! Watching there relationship and interactions makes my heart melt. It's so genuine and sweet. I know the days will come when they don't get along, but I'm soaking all of this in! 

Yep, barely 7 months in this shot and he's pulling himself up and so strong. Now, just over 8 months and he is standing on his own! I can see the determination in his eyes. Forget walking... This kid is going to be running before soon. 

He ALWAYS has a smile to share with everyone! Seriously one of the most charming little boys I've ever met... Thank goodness he's mine ❤️

Mormon Battalion Museum

If you get the chance to go to San Diego - old town- go to the Mormon Battalion museum, then plan on getting some yummy lunch at one of the several delicious Mexican restaurants nearby. 

The Mormon Battalion Museum is FREE! And super kid friendly! The bathrooms are the cleanest around and you can park for free!!!! You even get a free photo you can take of your family before leaving! It's entertaining for kids and adults! Vivi still asks about the "talking pictures!"

San Diego Lovin'

We've been to San Diego more these past two months than we have in 5 years! And I'm hoping we get to go again next month! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Trip to Utah

We got to spend some time up in Utah the beginning of October!
Family, doTerra Essential Oil Convention and LDS Conference! It was wonderful!

 Driving to Utah! Yahoo!

 I was able to meet up with an amazing companion from my mission in 
Porto Alegre, Brazil - Luanna DaCunha Canova!

Bath Time - super fun with cousins!

Silly Faces after church!

 "Pipoca!" = "popcorn"

Gabriel and Ellie!
Clarisse & Caleb!
Elisa, Gabriel, Dago, Naty, Clarisse, Daniel, Melissa & Vivi
We had such a great time and already miss our sweet family! We did visit my brother Brent and his family - but I'm missing that foto (it's on Daniel's phone!). Love you all!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Turning Two! and much more!

Ok - it's been a while and I have absolutely no excuses... but I do keep a journal ;)

What's happened since... Christmas?

January: We went on a cruise to the Caribbean Islands! Not too much to say about that, but it was absolutely amazing and beautiful! Thankfully, the weather in AZ was perfect for playing outside! Every day, Vivi would ask to play on the "Wee" - not to be confused with the nintendo "Wi". She loves the slides that Aunt Colette gave her and can seriously not get enough of them!

February: I officially resigned at the State Hospital and started being a full time mommy. Well, kind of. I still work a couple of part time jobs, three to be exact. I teach my Zumba Classes two times a week (and I usually end up subbing about 2-3 times a month), I teach classes about doTerra Essential Oils (each week varies), and I also work as a care manager about 10-15 hours a week. The good thing is that I don't have to rush off in the morning, I make my own schedule and I am having a great time having more time with my crazy chickita!
This is the actual sweat mark my bellybutton makes after teaching class! I call it: "Zumba Love"

March: We celebrated our 9th Anniversary! Yay us! Not too much in the celebration area, but we managed to have some time together and see a movie! Oh, and Daniel got a ukalele! Daniel is naturally gifted in the music area and so it's not completely surprising that he's actually getting really good after just a couple of months!
This was taken on our cruise in January - in Aruba!(A late birthday and Christmas present and an early Anniversary present!)

April: This month kind of flew by. We did attend my niece's baptism. Vivi is usually super excited about seeing Ruthie, but this was way past nap time...

We also spent some time at the YMCA's pool. Vivi loves to get all dressed up. She was trying to get out the door, but I made her stop so I could get a photo of her. I couldn't get a single smile. When I said, "Ok, let's go," she smiled and said, "Ok! Let's go!!!" Silly girl! (I have to add that I got this swimsuit, cover-up and sandals for only $4.00!)

We also attended the Retirement Party for Brother Wold, my seminary and institute teacher! He is seriously one of my hero's! It was also a mini-reunion! So fun to see lots of old friends.

May: In May, we had some special visitors. My parents were able to come home for a couple of weeks while the temple in Manaus was closed for cleaning. They came home just in time for graduations and for Vivi's 2nd Birthday! It was super fun having them home again. Vivi gave them both nicknames. Grandma is "Gamma" and Grandpa is "Ustah". Gamma is pretty obvious, but I had to figure out where Ustah came from. I think I did. We have been speaking Portuguese with Vivi and when we ask "Where is he?" in portuguese it's, "A onde ele esta?" = "Ustah" My dad was playing a bunch with her and I would constantly be saying, "Onde esta?" So... there you go. Now he's Ustah. It's pretty cute.
We had a family luau while my parents were in town - Hawaiian haystacks, talent show and ice cream!

The morning Vivianni turned 2!!! "Bom dia!"

The table at Vivi's Farm Party. My mom created the barn in the background, Daniel carved the watermelon pig, I did the cupcakes. It was super yummy. We also had a petting zoo - chickens and 3 week old goats!

Which brings us to JUNE??? Holy cow! So no crazy plans for this month, but in July, we're planning on heading up to Utah for some much needed relief from this impossible heat! (Why do we live here?)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fotos with Santa

So this has been a very busy past couple of months... I'm sitting here thinking, "I should mop the floor. Or I should wash the dogs. Or I should fold some laundry. Or I should get ready for my class tonight." Nope, I'm here blogging... Quickly!

Here's the super adorable pictures Vivi took with Santa (AKA Daddy)